The Music

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Brent Parker describes the Four Corners Quartet as follows:

"Four Corners combines themes derived from the musical heritages of China, India, Italy and the UK. The piece opens with a reference to the legendary founder of music in China, Ling Lun, who according to Chinese mythology made bamboo pipes tuned to the sounds of birds. This portion of the piece adheres to the pentatonic scale so common in Chinese music. The Shrutis and mircotonic intervals introduce the Indian influence of the piece which includes a reference to Ravi Shankar. A canzonetta-style section with hints of mandolin demonstrates the Italian theme. Lastly, a variation on the folksong Scarborough Fair represents the British influence."

Although the Western instruments of the quartet can only allude to the sounds of Chinese and Indian music, Brent Parker's deft composition truly brings together the countries of China, India, Italy and the UK in Four Corners."