Chris Devonshire-Ellis Said:

It seems the New Phoenix Quartet lead by ace Flautist Bruce Gremo will be holding another concert - featuring the 4CQ - in the near future by special request. I'll keep posted as to any event updates.

Ray Kelly Said:

Well done Brent and thank you Chris. It brings a peaceful interlude to otherwise sometimes stormy days.

Jurgen Heifez Said:

I just found this. Outstanding!

Dilip Ravi Singh Said:

Amazing and stylish! I love the musical seqway from China to India. Very clever and very well executed and planned. Congratulations!

Cleo Said:

utterly beautiful mystical and magical, made my day!
Slán for Now

Chris Devonshire-Ellis Said:

We are all saddened to learn of the death of Ravi Shankar, whose music inspired the "Indian" section of this quartet.
A genius musician who will be much missed - Chris

Chris Devonshire-Ellis Said:

@Graham Said: The response to this piece has been amazing, and as for "I can't wait to hear more" I am having on-going discussions with Brent concerning the commissioning of another piece. However rather than duplicate the "Four Corners" we will be trying something perhaps more avant garde and very different in style. But the general theme - a musical introduction to Asia through Western classical structures - will remain the same. More news later when we have things ironed out and the concept firmed up. - Chris

anthony parker Said:

well done dad

Graham Said:

Brent's piece of music has a brilliant sound and really captures the sounds of the four corners of music from around the world. Bravo.

Can't wait to hear more.

Rhonda Joy Gola Said:

Absolutely unique idea to celebrate success and truly inspiring enchanting music.

Gráinne Said:

Well done Brent - it's a fabulous quartet with great variations and wonderful harmonic progressions. Lovely timbres and beautiful drones. The flute gives a brightness to the texture and the blend is thoroughly wonderful. Congratulations again.

Raymond P Kelly Said:

An exceptional piece, perfectly representing the harmony and resultant resounding success of an exceptional company.